Training is a fundamental part of our work. We are constantly looking for technologically advanced solutions that can improve our projects and guarantee our customers cost efficiency. We have been implemented BIM technology within our work methodology, which is able to reduce significantly the impact of design costs. We also elaborate navigable 3D models to make the customer as an integral part of the realization process. This kind of workflow permit us to be able to verify the functional validity of the spaces designed in relation to the housing needs with as much precision as possible.

3d design and rendering

A fundamental part of the design is the translation into a three-dimensional model of what is both detected and designed. Thus, the customer will be able, during the entire design phase, to control and monitor the architectural concept reaching the creation of photorealistic previews and renderings.

BIM design and consulting

The BIM method is an absolutely innovative approach that requires an appropriate training path and that guarantees an excellent optimization of project and economic resources. It is a revolutionary technology capable of combining any type of data to generate a complete operating model containing all the information necessary for the entire life cycle of the project, from the construction site to maintenance.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification

It is a certificate by which the end customer can have full confidence that the services and products placed on the market correspond to certain specifications and that all the phases relating to their realization are traceable and verifiable. ISO 9001 is in fact a regulation aimed at continuous and constant improvement of the company, with the aim of optimizing the organizational structure. This is a strategic choice for companies that want to increase their production, cut costs, become more aggressive on the market and increase customer loyalty.

The ISO 9001 certification achieved by Eidos concerns:

  • Architectural, infrastructural, structural and plant design of public and private works, also with the BIM method.
  • Construction supervision and coordination for the safety of public and private works.
  • Real estate valuation in urban and rural areas.

ISO 17024 certification

It provides the notions and tools necessary to estimate the market value of the properties, through the international valuation standards (IVS), the Tecnoborsa real estate valuation code and the recent guidelines published by the ABI which provide for the possession of the necessary skills and experience that can be demonstrated by presenting a certificate from an ISO IEC 17024 accredited presentation to the bank or the client financial intermediary.

The Basel agreements, the application of the IAS / IRFS (international accounting standards), the consultancy activity with the court and for private individuals require the preparation of valuation reports – in application of the increasingly professional and quality. For real estate valuation, in Italy the standards involve the need to transform the approach towards real estate valuations – in line with traditional valuation techniques, passing from a subjective method that is hardly verifiable to an objective and verifiable one.

The real estate valuation sector has changed, therefore it is necessary that the operators of the sector adapt to give answers to a prompt and precise valuation request, certifying their process of carrying out the valuation report and the result obtained, in compliance with international standards.